Klara Alba is a passionate designer of jewellery made of various materials.

She was most famous on the Czech market for Polymer matters, when she became one of the co-authors of the Polymer Heaven, taught at many workshops she had organized or where she was invited as a lecturer.

In 2015 she began her studies in Zlatnik – a jeweler at the famous Prague Solunka Goldsmith School, where she decided to move her work on working with precious metals and stones.

She has held two years of the biggest and most successful Czech facebook jewelery competition, titled “The Czech Republic’s Jewelry Challenge”, which helped the jewelers of various disciplines to present their art in monthly themes.

Love for the stones is in the family. Klara’s brother has been collecting minerals for twenty years, writing in specialized magazines and going out in their free time “kutat” on our beautiful Czech and Slovak homeland. Klara herself devotes itself to more worked stones, studying their healing effects and working with their energy. It also manufactures so-called gemstone water to order.


Throughout my life I learn and teach, I work on myself and my soul. My passion is jewels. They are my children, they have their souls, their past, their presence and their future. They have their mission. My style? Bohemian glamorous style, the reflection of my paths and the influence of nature.

Once upon a time, one well-known American artist, historian and professor Allen Zaruba, told me that my mission here on Earth is to make her more beautiful, cheerful, more colorful and happier.
These words were pervading my memory forever.

That’s why I’m here,
therefore I create.

Klára Alba – Leopardessa