Men’s – Impregnable fortress




An elegant men’s bracelet with a decorative ornamental divider-bead, which looks manly and compassionately, like a fort.

Stone composition: gagate, pyrite, dalmatian jasper, hematite, clear crystal and black onyx.




The bracelets are strung into a special and high quality 1 mm thick elastic braid which, as opposed to other frequently used braids, returns itself to its original shape.
Hand-woven bracelets are strung on a special 1 mm thick cord and embroidered with Macrame style.
Pendant bracelets are made of surgical steel or copper or brass plated. The pendants are made of surgical steel, copper, brass or metal jewelry.

  • Made in a non-smoking and non-allergic environment.
  • Ready to be sent by Czech Post within 3 days of payment.
  • The product warranty is 24 months, more info can be found in the Service and Claims link at the bottom of the main page.

A note from the designer:

  • 100 percent manually assembled in the Czech Republic.
  • We use semi-precious gems from all over the world with different spiritual effects, mostly we use the 8 mm bead size, supplemented with chirurgical steel, copper and other metals suitable for allergy or costume jewelry.
  • We have a stock of 170 kinds of semi-precious stones of different shapes and sizes available for you. We also build bracelets according to your wishes.
  • You may adjust the size of an offered product.

Please note that all of our products are hand-assembled, each original, the beads can vary slightly in size, shape, and color.


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