een attracted by the leopard pattern since I was little. One of the things I bought from my first payday was a leopard bedding.

That was the beginning, now you could find leopards everywhere in my home. Whether as beddings, blankets, cushions or even wallpapers on the wardrobe and, of course, a bunch of clothes with my beloved leopard print on them.

I try to make everything tasteful.

Years ago, my colleagues started to call me “leopard”. A nickname that remained. It has become my domain, leopards belong to my life.

I have transferred my passion for leopards to jewelry and so at the beginning of 2013, there was the first collection of leopard hollow maxi-beads.
The pattern was a great success, and so I began to teach it as a lecturer. I did a dozen large and small workshops with this pattern. In a leopard-apron that is 🙂

I admire all kinds of feline cats, their energy, animality, elegance & velocity. They are beautiful, they are perfect.

And, of course, my workshop, the studio, the sanctuary (just my paradise); leopard spirit everywhere.

I feel happy there, it gives me strength, love and energy.

Everyone should have dreams and my dream is that my jewels should bring joy to the wearers, bloom, and positive energy and to make them happier.

And as Leopardessa, I am planning to support leopards, but I’ll tell you about that in my future blog post.

Be beautiful, be happy,